Science behind each product brand

Lipotec has developed a wide range of active ingredients and delivery systems through different sophisticated technologies for their use.

Skin & Hair Care

Active ingredients

  • AIMTEC® peptides and molecules

    AIMTEC® peptides and molecules

    From science to cosmetics

    A full range of peptides and other small molecules designed to stimulate, inhibit or mimic specific targets, to cover a wide range of functionalities within skin care. These new active ingredients are developed from predefined mechanisms of action with the same standards of quality and scientific rigor as in the pharmaceutical industry.


    • Efficient at low dosage
    • Precisely defined from a chemical and physico-chemical point of view
    • Excellent toxicological profile
  • BIOINTEC™ blue biotechnology

    BIOINTEC™ blue biotechnology

    Blue biotechnology for sustainable cosmetics


    Biotechnology uses living microorganisms to obtain natural molecules with specific cosmetic benefits while preserving the environment because there is neither harvesting nor extraction from nature. These new active ingredients are obtained through bioprocesses and have proven cosmetic efficacy.


    • Non-genetically modified organisms
    • Sustainable production
    • Batch reproducibility


  • ACTIVE ORGANICS® inspired by nature

    ACTIVE ORGANICS® inspired by nature

    Commitment to nature for the best skin care

    Extensive variety of quality natural extracts and ingredients from throughout the world, classified into different product lines: ADVANCED BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS, ACTIPHYTE™ botanical extracts, AROMAPHYTE™ fragrance ingredients, ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants, ACTIVERA™ aloe ingredients

    Its strenghts:

    • Commitment to the environment
    • Maximum efficacy
    • Innovative and unique natural-oriented ingredients


Delivery Systems

  • µFILMTEC® molecular films

    µFILMTEC® molecular films

    Microfluidization, a fact in cosmetics

    Extremely thin, molecular films are monolayers which confer to the skin a softer, lighter and more pleasant feel.

    Its strengths:

    • Easy absorption by the stratum corneum
    • More efficient penetration of active ingredients into the skin
    • Decrease of transepidermal water loss thanks to an occlusive effect
  • VECTORTEC® delivery systems

    VECTORTEC® delivery systems

    The right delivery system for the selected skin biological target

    Using different techniques of vectorization, Lipotec offers a wide range of delivery systems, each designed for a specific application. Delivery systems transport the active ingredient to the desired location, thereby increasing its stability and bioavailability. In addition, in some cases they protect the active ingredient from oxidation and other stress factors.

    Its strengths:

    Wide range of available sizes and compositions

    Specific designed for each application: skin, hair and make-up

    Outstanding stability of the encapsulated active ingredient




  • QUIOTEC® cosmetotextiles

    QUIOTEC® cosmetotextiles

    From textile fibers to the skin

    In continuous contact with the skin for several hours (day and night), textiles offer great potential for delivering cosmetic active ingredients to targeted benefits. Delivery systems are specifically designed to fit all types of textile fibers which can offer a wide variety of cosmetic benefits.

    Its strengths:

    • Anchoring to the fabric and washing resistance with proven efficacy
    • The potential to reload the fiber as needed
    • Suitable for either industrial or consumer processes


Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

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