A world leader in high tech active ingredients dedicated to cosmetics

Founded in 1987 in Barcelona (Spain) and acquired in 2012 by Lubrizol (Berkshire Hathaway company), Lipotec has become in just a few years a well-known worldwide expert in advanced active ingredients for skin and hair care.

Recently, Lipotec and Active Organics, Lubrizol’s company leader in natural extracts and performance ingredients, merged as one team to provide a complete product portfolio to the cosmetic industry.


Our core business: Molecular Cosmetics and Delivery Systems

We research, design and manufacture innovative active ingredients for cosmetics, which are born out of the discovery of new mechanisms of biologic actions through two technology platforms: Molecular Cosmetics (peptides, other small molecules, biotechnological and botanical active ingredients) and Delivery Systems.

The fusion with Active Organics, besides adding a new and valuable range of natural products from the world’s best sources, brings us the latest technology in renewable and sustainable business practices with their methods of harvesting, manufacturing and distribution.

The result is an unlimited source of active ingredients with proven efficacy to meet every need, which has led to numerous successful products and has positioned Lipotec as a leader in its category for the continuous advance of the cosmetic industry.


Our strength: a research devoted to innovation

  • Top priority given to research. Since its inception, the close relationship of Lipotec to academia, via numerous partnerships, and its pharmaceutical approach energize our impetus to research and ensures the extreme rigor of our cosmetic approach.
  • A highly-skilled multidisciplinary team of senior experts in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology.
  • Understanding of key technologies such as combinatorial chemistry, molecular modeling and biotechnology
  • IP protection
  • Claim substantiation dossiers

Our market-need based research is driven by a relentless desire to design the most innovative and effective active ingredients that will lead the future of cosmetics. 




Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

The information contained in Lipotec's intranet is exclusively addressed to personal care industry professionals and access to specific data will be granted according to user profile (customers, distributors, consultants, media...).