• Bust Sculpting Cream

    ADIFYLINE® peptide + TRYLAGEN® functional ingredient

  • Face Replenishing Serum

    ADIFYLINE® peptide + UPLEVITY peptide

  • Cream containing ARGIRELINE peptide and EYESERYL peptide

    ARGIRELINE® peptide + EYESERYL® peptide

  • Anti-wrinkle Gel Silky Touch

    ARGIRELINE® peptide

  • Advanced Anti-aging Cream

    ARGIRELINE® peptide + ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient

  • Serum Expession Anti-wrinkle

    LEUPHASYL® peptide + ARGIRELINE® peptide

  • Gel containing EYESERYL peptide solution (1%)

    EYESERYL® peptide

  • Cream containing DECORINYL peptide

    DECORINYL® functional ingredient 

  • Cream containing LEUPHASYL peptide solution (5%)

    LEUPHASYL® peptide

  • Wrinkle Filler

    HYADISINE® marine ingredient + TRYLAGEN® functional ingredient

  • Hydrating Aqua Gel for Men

    DIFFUPORINE® peptide + ION-MOIST 4MEN molecular film

  • Skin-Defense Moisturising Gel

    BODYFENSINE® peptide + DIFFUPORINE® peptide

  • Anti-Stretch Marks and Slimming Cream

    LIPOREDUCTYL® functional ingredient + VANISTRYL® functional ingredient

  • Ultra Smoothing Cream

    HYADISINE® marine ingredient + HYANIFY marine ingredient

  • Anti-wrinkle Serum for Sensitive Skin

    ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient + DELISENS peptide

  • Sensitive Skin Body Moisturising Lotion

    DELISENSpeptide + XPERTMOIST® molecular film

  • Anti-aging Cream against Redness

    TELANGYNpeptide + TRYLAGEN® functional ingredient

  • Anti-redness Preventive Gel

    PREVENTHELIA® peptide + TELANGYN peptide

  • Nasogenian Folds Correcting Serum

    HYANIFYmarine ingredient + SEACODE marine ingredient

  • Supreme DNA protecting Gel


  • Slimming Cream

    SILUSYNE® functional ingredient + VILASTENE™ functional ingredient

  • Contouring Gel

    RELISTASE® peptide + SERILESINE® peptide + SILUSYNE® functional ingredient

  • Body Shaper & Moisturizer

    ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient + 

    DIFFUPORINE® peptide


  • Shape and Toning Lotion

    ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient + UPLEVITY™ peptide

  • Last Step Against Expression Wrinkles

    ARGIRELOX™ peptide + INYLINE® peptide

  • Sprayable rub out free emulsion

    ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient + HYADISINE® marine ingredient

  • Multicorrecting Eye Serum

  • Firming & Lifting Face Cream

    ACTIFIRM®  ULTRA advanced botanical ingredient + 

    ARGIRELINE® peptide

  • Clarity & Youth Serum

    ACTIZYME® advanced botanical ingredient + 

    HYANIFY™ marine ingredient

  • Protecting Serum Against The Elements

    ACTIGUARD® advanced botanical ingredient + 

    ANTARCTICINE®marine ingredient + 

    LIPOCHROMAN® molecule

  • Day & Night Body Firming Gel Cream

    ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient + 

    NOCTURSHAPE™ marine ingredient

  • 4-In-1 Eye Care

    EYEDELINE™marine ingredient + 

    HYADISINE® marine ingredient

  • Rejuventaing Eye Contour

    ARGIRELINE® peptide + 

    EYEDELINE™ marine ingredient

  • Young & Radiant complexion

    Actimoist Bio 1 + BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient + JUVELEVEN™ peptide + UPLEVITY™ peptide

  • Mattifying & Skin Tone Corrector

  • Absolute Eye Contour

  • Time-friendly bouncy moisturizer

    UPLEVITY™ peptide; BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient



  • Urban shielding facial cream

    POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient, ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient C, UPLEVITY™ peptide solution

  • Selfie-ready beauty cream

    XPERTMOIST® molecular film, ARGIRELINE® peptide solution c

  • Age confident facial nourisher

    CELLYNKAGE™  marine ingredient, HYANIFY™  marine ingredient, UPLEVITY™ solution 

  • Polar shine control gel-cream

    MATMARINE™  blue ingredient, ACTIFOLIATE™ advanced botanical ingredient

  • Botanial-inspired firming face lotion

    ACTIFIRM®  ULTRA advanced botanical ingredient, ARGIRELINE®  peptide solution C

  • Rinse off moisturizing radiant facial serum

  • Super protective face mousse SPF10

  • Reviving evening facial gel-cream

  • Cold firming body night cream

  • Transfer Resistant Shimmering Eyeliner

  • Ultra black eyeliner

  • Mattifying BB Cream with Liquid Crystals

  • Anti-redness radicant CC cream

  • BB Lotion for legs

  • Fruity lip balm

  • Age defying bronzing powder

  • Gentle black mascara

  • Aqua mat lipstick

  • Invisible mist make-up fixer spray

  • Velvet eyeshadow

  • Sprayable moisturizing aloe vera gel

  • Bouncy illuminating face moisturizers: yogurt & velouté

  • Scoopable crushed ice skin gels

    1 textura, 4 conceptos!

    Eye contour:

    BRIGHLETTE™marine ingredient; EYESERYL® peptide



    BODYFENSINE®peptide; MATMARINE™ blue ingredient



    MELATIME®peptide; ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient



    ACTIGYM™ marine ingredient

  • Shimmering tint for lips & cheecks (Autumn/winter)

  • Bouncy tint for lips & cheeks (Spring/Summer)

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