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  • Advanced mechanisms for a tonned and defined body silhouete

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  • Protection from pollutants

    Giménez, A. et al.  COSSMA. 4: 40-43. Apr 2016

  • Finding new solutions against pollution

    Giménez, A. et al. SOFW Journal. 142 (4): 20-25. Apr 2016

  • Marine ingredient for integral care of the eye contour area

    Giménez, A. et al. Personal Care Europe: 51-53. Jan-Feb 2016

  • Antipolución: un cuidado ya ineludible para la piel.

    Giménez, A. et al. NCP, Notícias de Cosmética y Perfumería, Sociedad Española de Químicos Cosméticos. 348: 18-21, Marzo-Abril 2016

  • Sustained mattifying effect through a BB cream

    Comas, J. et al. Eurocosmetics. 24 (1): 18-20. Jan 2016

  • The ideal cosmetic ally for the cold

    Comas, J. et al, SOFW 142 (1): 20 - 23,  January 2016

  • Perfectly even skin tone with BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient

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