Advanced skin solutions

Founded in 1987 in Barcelona, Spain, and acquired in 2012 by Lubrizol (Berkhshire Hathaway company), Lipotec SAU is a well-known worldwide expert in advanced active ingredients for application in cosmetics. 

As Lubrizol’s Global Center of Expertise for Skin Care, Lipotec™ Active Ingredients researches, develops and produces innovative products – from peptides, biotechnological molecules to botanical extracts and delivery systems. The most known example of our expertise is ARGIRELINE® peptide, the first topical alternative to recognized cosmetic procedures against expression wrinkles.


Quality, Excellence and Innovation are our essential drivers to contribute to the success of our partners. Our technical expertise and standardized processes ensure the strict compliance of both products and services. Lipotec™ Active Ingredients has had ISO certification since 1999.

Lipotec, the umbrella brand for Active Ingredients within Lubrizol Skin Essentials.

Leveraging our skin care science knowledge, we offer ingredients and formulation concepts that deliver a beautiful skin experience to the consumers.


Our aim at Lubrizol Skin Essentials is to become a partner to our customers and help boost their creativity with innovative concepts, strong technical and regulatory support as well as flexibility in supply and delivery. 


With this in mind, our vision focuses on providing them with new solutions for the continuously changing and demanding skin care market.


Creativity is your priority.
You are ours.

Lipotec benefits from a strong international presence. With headquarters in Spain and offices and production plant in the US, we have local representation in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, France, Germany and Italy as well as a network of distributors worldwide.

Advanced skin care solutions



Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

The information contained in Lipotec's intranet is exclusively addressed to personal care industry professionals and access to specific data will be granted according to user profile (customers, distributors, consultants, media...).