Quality, Excellence and Innovation are our essential drivers to contribute to the success of our partners



A global and masterful approach ensures rigorous quality, from the conception of the product to the end of its full market lifetime cycle.

Technical expertise and standardized processes ensure the strict compliance of both products and services. Lipotec has had ISO 9001 certification since 1999.

Quality Policy


The quest of excellence is the watchword of Lipotec. Each product is the result of sophisticated technology and carries scientific innovation with proven performance.

In addition to the constant search for maximum efficacy, the key to Lipotec’s development is the reliability and quality of service that respects the interests of our customers and the security of the final consumers. Proof of this is the exceptional loyalty of our customers, with whom we forge lasting relationships.



Our spirit of innovation, which is deeply rooted in the culture of enterprise, is fostered by vast scientific expertise and our collaborations with academic research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Innovation is the golden rule that guides everything Lipotec does: 

  • In-house expertise and full process integration
  • Reinvestment in R&D of 20% of the annual revenue
  • Direct access to state-of-the art technology
  • Transversal technological platforms, fostering fast and efficient discovery of new active ingredients
  • Continual update to areas of know-how of expertise to increase applications, methods and sources for new product development.



Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

The information contained in Lipotec's intranet is exclusively addressed to personal care industry professionals and access to specific data will be granted according to user profile (customers, distributors, consultants, media...).