You know the destination. WE´LL HELP YOU REACH IT SUSTAINABLY


Lubrizol Life Science is committed to partnering with you to set a clear direction on the journey to a more sustainable future. Our Compass Sustainability Plan is focused on:

  • Providing our customers with ingredients that are naturally-based and with low environmental impact.
  • Making it easy for customers to find, understand and use those ingredients on their sustainability journey.

A wide array of the products inside Lipotec Active Ingredients portfolio carry the Nature-Based Compass Benefit designation, which means that they include renewable, natural content.

But we know that renewable content alone is not enough. That is why, if required, we are committed to providing transparency into the amount and origin of the renewable material in our ingredients so you can have confidence in formulating.

We provide you with the natural origin and content of our active, botanical, marine and scrub ingredients by measuring their molecular weight in accordance with ISO 16128. That standard provides the means to calculate Natural Index and Natural Origin Index.


Marine biotechnology for sustainable cosmetics

Lipotec Active Ingredients obtained by biotechnology originate from molecules naturally occurring in non-genetically modified organisms, using non-GMO and sustainable production practices to reach optimal bioprocess performance and preserving the environment since there is no harvesting nor extraction from nature. 

Our customers benefit from unique biotech based ingredients that allow them to develop sustainable claims.

Blue biotechnology for sustainable cosmetics


Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

The information contained in Lipotec's intranet is exclusively addressed to personal care industry professionals and access to specific data will be granted according to user profile (customers, distributors, consultants, media...).