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  • Urban Life vs. Skin Microbiota

    Comas, J; Laporta, O; Cañadas, E; González, L; Delgado, R, Eurocosmetics (3): 12-14, March 2019

  • What is epigenetics?

    Carli. B, Eurocosmetics, 25(6): 38-39, June 2017

  • Traditional anti-aging knowledge applied to the skin

    Comas, J et al., Eurocosmetics, 25(5):26-28, May 2017

  • Firmed face, neck and décolletage

    Comas, J. et al., COSSMA: 25-27, May 2017

  • WOW MOM. Il kit definitivo di sopravvivenza di Lubrizol per la bellezza delle mamme indaffarate

    Cosmetic Technology, 20(3): 90-91, May-June 2017

  • Reprogramming cells for a younger looking skin

    Comas, J et al., Personal Care Europe:151-153, April 2017

  • WOW MOM. The ultimate beauty survival kit for busy mothers from Lubrizol

    Household and Personal Care Today (H&PC Today). Monographic special issue: Cosmetic Active Ingredients, vol 12(2), March/April 2017

  • Cellular reprogramming through epigenetics

    Giménez, A., et al, Eurocosmetics, 24 (11-12): 30-33, November-December 2016

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