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  • First Lipotec products COSMOS approved

    Recently, ANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient with SA and MATMARINE™ blue ingredient have been assessed as compliant to COSMOS standard, thus obtaining the Attestation of Conformity for raw materials according to COSMOS.


    The COSMOS-standard is a not-for-profit international association whose ultimate objective is to safeguard the welfare of the environment and of people by setting out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust, and that are clear for the industry and good for the environment.


    Both active ingredients are from Biointec™ blue biotechnology brand, which encompasses natural molecules with specific cosmetic benefits obtained from living microorganisms through sustainable bioprocesses.


    ANTARCTICINE®marine ingredient shields and regenerates the skin exposed to extreme cold as well as assists in reducing wrinkles for a firm and young complexion. In vivo it showed a 13.5% increase in moisturization after applying a cream at 1% to the skin exposed to cold weather conditions for one hour a day during 15 days. After 30 days, wrinkle depth and volume decreased by 10.6% and 9.3% respectively.


    MATMARINE™ blue ingredient helps decrease sebum levels to reduce skin shininess, the appearance of pores and active follicles. An in vivo study applying a BB cream containing 2% ingredient resulted in an immediate 28.3% reduction in gloss right after the application and a prolonged effect lasting through the day.


    As Lubrizol Skin Essentials, Lipotec and Lubrizol offer ample expertise in skin care that combined makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and trendy solutions to the market.








    ANTARCTICINE® and MATMARINE™ are owned by The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates. © 2017 The Lubrizol Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

  • The Ultimate Beauty Survival Kit for Busy Mothers

    Lubrizol Skin Essentials presents a new formulation concept developed in accordance with its objective of empowering its customers with products and services that will enable them to accelerate and enhance their creativity.  Meant to serve as a source of inspiration for its clients, this new concept comprehends an assortment of complete formulations for busy mothers, who have little time to take care of themselves.

    Nowadays working mothers have to balance their professional career with being a mother and still find some time for their personal life.  Hard workers, time balancers, experts in organization and harmony, they are also interested in looking good.

    Hectic schedules, multitasking, stress and lack of sleep can negatively influence a woman’s skin so it needs some special care during this busy period of life.  Since going to a spa or a beauty salon does not fit into a mother’s busy schedule, Lubrizol brings these services to her home with formulations that provide the best combination of powerful and effective ingredients to care for her skin in the most efficient way.

    WOW MOM: Utterly a mother. Utterly a woman.
    Traditionally faced with a question Which comes first, being a mother or being a woman?, today’s busy mothers choose to be both. 100% mother and 100% woman. Lubrizol assists in making this possible with its latest WOW MOM beauty survival kit that includes four skin care products offering active mothers the opportunity to indulge and care for their skin, to have that special moment for themselves every day. Each formulation brings together the sensorial benefits of a surprising texture, an appealing visual and evocative fragrance with the claimed performance of high-tech active ingredients substantiated by science.

    Getting ready for another busy day is easier with a Rinse off Moisturizing Radiant Facial Serum that applied in the morning during or after the shower helps to recover from lack of sleep. This serum visibly brightens and unifies the complexion. At the same time, it protects the skin from photoaging and enhances skin’s softness and suppleness after rinse-off. 
    Following with a Super Protective Face Mousse SPF 10 will allow the skin to survive the long day facing stress and environmental pollution. This ultra-whipped texture mousse, in addition to minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, provides a barrier between the skin and the harmful ambient substances and enhances its antioxidative defenses offering a complete outdoor protection.

    At the end of the day, Reviving Evening Facial Gel-Cream is the ally to recover from a long day and refuel the skin. This formulation offers a rested and younger look by visibly reshaping the face contour and replenishing the skin to help it to recover its lost volume. In addition, its unique translucent gel-cream texture breaks onto the skin, releasing water and refreshing the skin to re-energize it.

    Finally, maintaining a toned and defined figure in spite of having little time to go to the gym is possible with a Cold Firming Body Night Cream. Applied before sleep, this night cream helps maximize the workout results by mimicking the effect of endurance exercise to redefine areas sensitive to sagging due to aging or insufficient physical activity.  Stored at -20°C, this bouncy cream with memory shape effect offers an initial cool sensation and allows long playtime to massage the body leaving the skin soft and supple.

    As Lubrizol Skin Essentials, Lubrizol and Lipotec offer ample expertise in skin care that combined makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and trendy solutions to the market.


  • Feel the power of nature directly on the skin from the hand of Lipotec.

    Exfoliation has played a very important role in the eternal pursuit of having a perfect skin. It offers uncountable skin benefits in one action, providing radiance, smoothness and even skin tone as well as enhancing actives penetration, to name a few.

    The cell renewal cycle slows down with age, resulting in less radiance and a more wrinkled appearance of the skin. When this happens, a complementary exfoliation is needed to help stimulate the production of new cells. At present, the plastic microbeads, historically used in physical exfoliants, have been questioned in many countries for their contaminating effects giving way to the natural exfoliants as an excellent environment-friendly alternative.

    Following its commitment to nature, Lipotec has developed ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants - a wide variety of natural-sourced scrubs that help remove dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin to let the inner beauty arise. The range is launched with the following first six references:

    Important component of many sparkling wines, Chardonnay is one of the oldest cultivars of grape in the world. The semi-rounded structure of ACTISCRUB™ chardonnay seed  is not aggressive for the skin and provides a tender exfoliationfor face and body.

    Glamorous seeds for an extremely gentle exfoliation with a pleasant massage feel.

     Its many natural attributes led cranberry to be known as the “wonderberry”.

    ACTISCRUB™ cranberry seed offers a soft touch with comfortable massage to remove the dead cells at the surface of both the face and the body. Visually eye catching red seeds allow for creating innovative formulations and playing with textures.

    A wonderberry to care for sensitive skin through a mild peeling.

    The Sanskrit name of coconut means “the tree which provides all the necessities of life”. Possessing interesting abrasive properties, ACTISCRUB™ coconut shell  offers a low to medium friction leading to a moderate exfoliation for face and body.

    The jewel of the tropics to clean and unblock pores.

     Coming from the ancient Persia, where they were reserved for the royalty, walnuts are the oldest tree food known to man.  ACTISCRUB™ walnut shell  has good abrasive properties and striking visual effect, providing a mild exfoliation for face and body.

    Smooth aristocratic skin thanks to the royal nut.

    One of the oldest cultivated fruits, apples are referred to as symbols of love and beauty by the Greek and Roman mythology. The size and shape of ACTISCRUB™ apple fiber particles offers a moderate exfoliation for face and body.

    Beyond its countless health benefits, leads to flawless and fresh skin.

    Used as an important material since the ancient times, cork is one of the most extraordinary products from nature. Recyclable and reusable, it is also able to absorb considerable amounts of CO2, contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions known as the main cause of climate change. ACTISCRUB™ cork  has a moderate to high friction and provides a strong exfoliation for body, hands and feet.

    The only bark that regenerates to help promote skin renewal.

     Natural scrub ingredients from renewable and biodegradable sources, ACTISCRUB™ physical exfoliants  are the environment-friendly alternative to synthetic scrubs with a great potential to inspire cosmetic brands to create their own, unique identity.

  • Bronze for REPROAGE™peptide at in-cosmetics® Global 2017 Innovation Awards

    Lipotec is thrilled to announce that REPROAGE™ peptide has been honored with Bronze at the recent Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards presented within the in-cosmetics® Global show taking place on April 4th – 6th in London.

    The award recognizes the development of a novel active ingredient that combines innovative science and product features in a way that demonstrates substantial benefits to manufacturers and end-users. REPROAGE™peptideis one of Lipotec’s latest developments targeting cell reprogramming to achieve a rejuvenated effect on the skin.  

    The epidermis is one of the most active tissues in terms of regeneration thanks to the ability of the stem cells from the basal layer to divide and renew themselves. This process is controlled by specific transcription factors that are regulated at the epigenetic level.  With age, the regenerative potential and the overall function of epidermis are reduced, resulting in development of aging signs. REPROAGE™ peptide may induce cellular reprogramming in the epidermal basal layer through the modulation of epigenetic elements, helping to reactivate basal cells and their regenerative abilities and leading to an improved appearance of mature skin.

    Two in vivo assays, performed using 2% peptide solution twice a day during 56 days, showed a general improvement in skin complexion and more radiance with 1.5% increase in luminance as well as a rejuvenated skin with epidermal self-renewal activity increased to the level of a skin 17 years younger in the 50-55 years old volunteers and up to 41.3% decrease in skin roughness.









    Reproage™ is owned by The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates. © 2017 The Lubrizol Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 

  • Lipotec launches a new botanical extract for a glamorous décolleté.

    Medicinal mushrooms have been used throughout history as a remedy in traditional medicine, especially in oriental therapies, and are still essential ingredients in modern clinical practices. Shiitake, in particular, is an endemic mushroom from Eastern Asia believed to offer potential antioxidant and anti-aging effects, being even acknowledged as an elixir of life.

    A young skin is mostly characterized by a proper firmness, elasticity and resilience, which are mainly provided by the two key extracellular matrix proteins, elastin and collagen. Type I collagen, specifically, is one of the most abundant proteins in the skin, offering tissue structure and strength. With time, a decrease in the collagen synthesis and an increase in its deterioration are believed to cause the emergence of aging signs such as loss in skin firmness.

    Ensuring correct functionality of collagen, by taking care of all stages of its life cycle, is considered essential to maintain a well-preserved and youthful skin. With this in mind, Lipotec has developed ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredient - a shiitake mushroom-based extract that can boost type I collagen synthesis and enhance PLOD1 levels, which contribute to improving the quality of the protein. In addition, it helps prevent carbamylation process, responsible for the deterioration of collagen. As a result, a firming effect on the skin can be expected as observed in various studies.

    To highlight a few, in vitro, the botanical ingredient showed to reduce the carbamylation-induced deterioration process by 75,9% versus control and to increase the synthesis of type I collagen by 36,6%, suggesting an improved quality of the protein.

    Ex vivo, ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredientsupported the proper structure, arrangement and organization of collagen microfibrils after carbamylation.

    A clinical test was performed on 41-55 years old female volunteers with skin flaccidity that applied a cream with 2% ingredient on the neck, décolleté and half face and a placebo cream on the other half, twice a day for 56 days. Statistically significant results were observed at the end of the study with 14.4% firmness improvement of décolleté, 13.5% of the face and 10.1% of the neck. Moreover, a reduction of neck folds and visible tighter appearance of skin complexion were demonstrated by macro photographs.


    ACTIFCOL™ advanced botanical ingredientcan provide a complete care of the collagen in order to obtain a proper protein functionality assisting in a firmer appearance of mature skin. It can be incorporated into formulations aiming to provide a tensing care and rejuvenated effect for the face, neck and décolleté.





  • POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient winner of the Regional Beauty Industry Awards

    Lipotec is proud to announce that POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient has been selected as the Best Skin Care Product for Europe in the Regional Beauty Industry Awards organized by Cosmetics Design. This recognition automatically classifies it to the Global competition whose winners will be announced on March 29th with an official award ceremony in London at the in-cosmetics Global event.

    The Beauty Industry Awards reward the cutting edge of innovation that include ease of formulation, cost effectiveness, strong environmental attributes and high effectiveness.

    POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient assists in counteracting the negative consequences of pollution on the skin as it provides a barrier between the skin and pollutants and boosts its antioxidative defense. Itoffers two complementary effects: binding of toxic metals by a polymer with metal chelating properties to prevent their interaction with the skin as well as a strong antioxidative action by a potent free radical scavengerto avoid oxidative damage within the skin.

    Multiple studies with statistically significant findings suggest that POLLUSHIELD™ functional ingredient can help prevent accumulation of pollution particles in the epidermis and replenish the skin with antioxidants, increasing its capacity to resist the harm caused by heavy metals, particulate matter (PM) and other harmful elements found in big cities and other polluted areas.









    Pollushield™ is owned by The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates. ©The Lubrizol Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

  • Lipotec introduces a new peptide for reprogramming the skin through epigenetics

    Epigenetics is becoming a new big trend in the skin care industry and is expected to open infinite possibilities for the design of new strategies against aging. Related to the interpretation of information, it can be very helpful to understand the regulation of complex processes in the skin. Just as a text in the book can be interpreted differently depending on the reader’s emotions and experience, epigenetics relate to the various possible readings of the information stored in the DNA or genes, contingent on diverse conditions of the environment.

    Among the biological processes regulated by means of epigenetics is the control of the fate of progenitor cells located in the basal layer of the epidermis.  The epidermis is one of the most active tissues in terms of regeneration thanks to the ability of the stem cells from the basal layer to divide and renew themselves.  With age, this regenerative potential and the overall function of epidermis are reduced resulting in the development of aging signs, such as appearance of wrinkles and loss of radiance.

    Lipotec’s latest development, REPROAGE™ peptide, may induce cellular reprogramming in the epidermal basal layer through the modulation of epigenetic elements, which can help reactivate basal cells and their regenerative abilities, leading to an improved appearance of mature skin.

    Specifically, the microRNA-145 is an epigenetic regulator known to repress the activity of the stem cell transcription factors, restraining the stemness properties of the basal cells. The new peptide reduces the levels of microRNA-145 and increases the level of the stem cell factors related to stemness, contributing to an improvement in the skin properties.

    Two in vivo assays, performed using 2% peptide solution twice a day during 56 days, showed a general improvement in skin complexion and more radiance with 1.5% increase in luminance as well as a rejuvenated skin with epidermal self-renewal activity increased to the level of a skin 17 years younger in the 50-55 years old volunteers and up to 41.3% decrease in skin roughness.

    REPROAGE™ peptide assists in obtaining a smoother, more radiant and visually rejuvenated complexion and can be incorporated into any anti-aging formulation to cope with the slowdown in skin regeneration that takes place with age or in products designed to rejuvenate the skin.




    REPROAGE™ is owned by The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates.© 2016 The Lubrizol Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 

  • Gold for CELLYNKAGE™ marine ingredient at the ITEHPEC Innovation Awards 2016

    Lipotec is proud to announce that CELLYNKAGE™ marine ingredient has been honored with Gold in the second edition of the ITEHPEC Innovation Awards 2016 presented within the recent in-cosmetics® Latin America show taking place on October 5th – 6th in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Promoted by the ITEHPEC (Institute of Technology and Studies for Cosmetics, Toiletries and Fragrances), this award recognizes the innovation of new ingredients with the objective of promoting and encouraging advance in Personal Care, and so increasing competitiveness and sustainable growth of companies.

    In its second edition the number of listed companies grew by 35% in relation to 2015, demonstrating the good health of the sector and its increasing commitment to innovation, according to the organization.

    CELLYNKAGE™ marine ingredient is a biotechnological ingredient meant to enhance both direct communication between neighboring skin cells as well as crosstalk between epidermal and dermal cells in order to help restore skin homeostasis lost during aging and especially during menopause.

    When reaching the age of 50, women start approaching the hormonal and transitional period of menopause. An increase in dryness, a reduction in skin thickness and elasticity, changes in surface roughness and microrelief, and an accentuation of aging signs like wrinkles and age spots are some of the characteristic consequences of this process on the skin.

    The alterations in the signaling exchange between skin cells, which contribute to accelerating the skin aging process, affect skin functioning and homeostasis. The less connected the cells are, the lower the ability of the skin to function correctly as a whole. Reestablishing this communication is key for minimizing visible signs of aging.

    After the application of a cream with 2% ingredient on menopausal skin for 56 days the thickness of the epidermis increased by 15%, collagen density in the dermis by 2.4% and the skin surface homogeneity increased significantly by 7.9%. In addition, the microrelief structure improved by 113% when compared to placebo resulting in a more regular meshing and a better-organized skin.

    Enhanced cell communication for a rejuvenated skin.


    © 2016 The Lubrizol Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 

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