Ayurvedic wisdom on the skin

AYURVEDA = Knowledge of Life


It is all about balancing the body, mind and spirit through adjustments in diet, exercise and sleep, involving herbs, aromas, meditation and yoga. Topical applications of herbal-based remedies and oils have a long tradition in Ayurveda as a way to address beauty concerns.


Ayurveda distinguishes three mind-body types, called DOSHAS, representing the biological energy within the human body.



meaning to move or to enthuse in Sanskrit

is the energy that controls bodily functions associated with motion



in Sanskrit meaning to heat

is the energy responsible for the body's metabolic systems and temperature



to keep together in Sanskrit

is the energy that regulates growth in the body and maintains the immune system


The three doshas play a very important role in the maintenance of cellular health and longevity. Each has a unique set of characteristics and can be translated into a different skin type.


Lipotec has chosen six botanical extracs from the Active Organics® inspired by nature array of ingredients to address the main conditions of each skin type.





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