CAPS2GO™ capsules

A range of cosmetic benefits in monodose format

  • Different functionalities and benefits depending on the active ingredients inside
  • Serum texture that aids in hydration providing a silky effect on the skin
  • Monodose: 1 capsule / 1 application



Product Active Ingredients Encapsulated Colour Target Function
CAPS2GO™ brightLIPOCHROMAN® synthetic molecule,
BRIGHLETTE™ marine ingredient
White Iridescent Blue Brightening
CAPS2GO™ firmingANTARCTICINE® marine ingredient,
UPLEVITY™ peptide
Pearly beige Firming
CAPS2GO™ liftingARGIRELINE® peptide Argento silver Anti-wrinkles
CAPS2GO™ resurfaceLIPOCHROMAN® synthetic molecule,
White Pearly Anti-aging
CAPS2GO™ lookARGIRELINE® peptide,
EYESERYL® peptide
Pearly Blue
  • Anti-dark Circles
  • Anti-eyebag
CAPS2GO™ smileHILURLIP® functional ingredient,
SEACODE™ marine ingredient
Pearly Pink Lip Care


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