Expect the unexpected



Representing over 1/4 of the global population, Millennials are the most influential generation today
and the most difficult to define due to their multiple contradictions... online but loving real-life interactions.
democratic and inclusive, but asking for exclusivity for themselves.
focused on progress, but have a deep sense of nostalgia...


When it comes to their personal care, Millennials are looking for instant results and fun experiences
while maintaining a perfect and protected skin.
In addition to covering specific needs, such as delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles and shielding their skin from the harmful effects of pollution, they also value appealing campaigns and products that offer them something extra, a plus


Let yourself be astonished and have fun

with your beauty routine!




Lipotec develops active ingredients for the personal care industry and supplies them to leading cosmetic product manufacturers and brand owners worldwide.

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