Serene Beauty


True to our premise of providing innovative ideas as a source of inspiration for our customers, we present Serene Beauty, a new approach to beauty where individuals are encouraged to feel good about themselves, embrace the passage of time and celebrate their real self.

Every day and every experience of our life are depicted on our skin and all those stories that are about to become ours will be written on it as well.

Serene Beauty means to reflect your expertise, to show how the passage of time makes you exactly who you are. 

Six new formulations are presented under three conceptual approaches:


Time, appreciated.

Reconciled with time

Time is no longer the enemy, it becomes an asset. As time passes, women gain experience and confidence, they feel stronger and more serene about themselves. It is also about staying who I am, the longest possible. 


The real me.

Reconciled with myself
The retouched and distorted images are no longer welcomed in today’s society. It is the real beauty that counts and is expressed. 


Essential wisdom.

Reconciled with nature

It is important to go back to what is essential. Solutions inspired by nature and reworked with clean and smart technology to be incorporated in modern and efficient products are what consumers are looking for.



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