ACTISMART™ artemisia

Traditional antimicrobial protection for the skin

Botanical extract that boosts the antimicrobial peptide, calprotectin, to protect the skin against pathogen invasion and promote skin health.

Ancient Chinese plant with a distinguished protective potential

China's focus on natural sources for wellness inspired other cultures and still inspires modern medicine.

In fact, it was the inspiration behind the discovery of a Nobel-winning anti-malarial drug, that included terpene compounds from the Artemisia plant, which is also composed of other antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids and phenols.

In vitro efficacy

  • Induction of the expression of calprotectin genes for a potentially higher antimicrobial activity.
  • Increased levels of calprotectin, suggesting a protective effect against pathogen invasion

Cosmetic applications

Cosmetic preparations aiming to provide a protective and antimicrobial effect to the skin.


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